Guest posts

You'll find details of all my latest media coverage and guest blog posts on my News page, but I hope you'll also enjoy these earlier pieces.

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Living my life and managing OCD appeared on the website of the mental health charity, Mind.

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The Jeans' Genie vs The Genes' Genie featured on the website of Emily Benet, who is an author, journalist and award-winning blogger.

Emily's debut book, Shop Girl Diaries, was commissioned and published by Salt Publishing, after they spotted her weekly blog about working in her mother's chandelier shop.

She went on to be published by Harper Collins, who released her second and third books, The Temp and #PleaseRetweet.

Emily previously ran workshops, including Blogging for Beginners and Improvers, which enabled me to set up my own blog, and she selected The Reluctant Perfectionist for her 'blog spotlight' in February 2014.

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